Brief introduction of Shandong Chi Run chemical trading co;ltd

Chi chemical trading company was founded in Shandong 2014 years 5 months State-owned Shandong Taifeng holdings-owned registered professional chemical trade platform for the company with a registered capital of 300 million Yuan, relying on chemical downs subsidiary enterprise of Shandong Taifeng group limited and chemical company, will supply sales incorporated trading company. Existing business elite team of 26 people, e-commerce, International Department, the Marketing Department of one, two.

Shandong flying fine chemical industry, Ltd is a professional manufacturer, the company aims, positioning technology safe and environment-friendly high-end chemical products, with year 2 million tons of dimethyl carbonate,1.6 million tons of 1.2- propylene glycol,3 million tons of propylene carbonate,1 million tons of mixed carbonate esters,8 Thousands of tons of highly pure carbonic acid ethyl ester, and8 thousand tons of high-purity diphenyl carbonate by methyl ester, and1 million tons of fine chemicals, such as succinic acid production capacity is domestic fine chemical enterprises; are excellent credit enterprise, the Shandong province famous trademark enterprise in China.


      Shandong Chi chemical trading co Relying on the fly, in the Division, with large, medium and small chemical storage tanks 36 sets, with strong liquidity of chemicals, Professional operation of battery electrolyte solvent types: dimethyl carbonate (DMC), diethyl carbonate (DEC), methyl ethyl carbonate (EMC), ethylene carbonate (EC ) Carbonate propylene ester (PC) ,; alcohol class : methanol, and no water ethanol, and ethylene glycol, and1.2- c II alcohol (PG)and butanol, and Xin alcohol, and different c alcohol,; intermediate : succinic acid, and ring oxygen propane
 (PO)and Shun anhydride, and benzene anhydride, and succinic anhydride, and rich horse acid, andMTBE , And methylene chloride, chloroform, ethylene dichloride, methanol and other pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates. 

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